All your favourite gadgets coated in titanium, gold and silver. By Martin Skegg and Michael Oliveira-Salac
Simple chrome just not good enough for you? Black plastic rather repugnant? Fear not because there are some manufacturers that will pander to your need for something a little more special, producing exclusive gold, platinum, silver or titanium editions of your favourite gadgets. Indulge in some fin de siecle excess and be ready to fend off accusations of having more money than sense. (If you are still paying for Christmas read on with caution.)

Clockwise from above left

Mouse Internet rodent for PC or Mac that has a special silver gilt casing. pounds 895, for information call Asprey & Garrard on 0171-493 6767.

Silver Psion Customise your Psion 3 Series hand-held organiser with a made-to-measure casing in solid silver. pounds 1,750, for information call Asprey & Garrard on 0171-493 6767.

NEC DB2000 mobile phone Ultra-slim and discreet, this has all the usual features of a mobile, plus e-mail access. Not to be mistaken for the chrome version, this is one of only 10 platinum models made. But you might have realised that by the whopping price tag of pounds 10,000. Available exclusively from The Carphone Warehouse in Harrods. For details call 0645 404020.

Oakley Time Bomb watch Hot in from the US, this timepiece has a carbon-fibre face with titanium metal casing. It features an inertial generator which converts the movement of your arm into electricity and powers the watch. pounds 999, available from Face for Watches, Thomas Neal Centre, London WC2 (0171-379 1179).

Braun Flex Integral Ultra-Speed 6550

Special 24-carat gold-plated edition of the award-winning electric shaver. It has a pivoting head to follow the contours of the face, and Braun's triple shaving system to keep things smooth. pounds 189, from Harrods (0171-730 1234) and other leading department stores.

Montblanc fountain pen

In platinum - just the thing to be writing those fat cheques with. Comes in three sizes, as well as ballpoint, rollerball and pencil versions. pounds 9,250, for stockists call 0181-232 3000.