Fast forward: Garden gadgets - Lawn and order

Back yard demanding attention? Martin Skegg and Michael Oliveira- Salac offer some cutting-edge accessories
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Bosch Quiet Shredder AXT 2000 Useful for shredding all kinds of garden refuse (anything up to 3.5cm in diameter) to provide the best possible food for your plants. It runs at 2,000 watts but is designed, as its name suggests, to be extremely quiet. pounds 340. For stockists call 01449 742 220.

Black & Decker Mastervac GW250GB Keep the garden tidy by blowing debris into piles, or vacuum up organic materials which are then shredded inside the gadget for use as compost. Has variable speed control and a 35-litre collection sack. pounds 90. For stockists call 01753 574 277.

Flymo Easitrim The Eastitrim's ergonomic "steering wheel" handle means that you can tackle hedge trimming from any angle. It has a 400-watt motor, 12 metres of cable and an emergency cut-off should you get into trouble. pounds 60. For stockists call Flymo on 01325 300 303.

Robomow The future for mowing, a battery-operated robot mower that will cut lawns up to 1,000sq metres. It has sensors to avoid any obstacles, and a manual override if you feel too guilty about sitting back and doing nothing. pounds 999. For information and ordering call Friendly Machines on 01844 261 653.

Power Devil Pressure Washer Running off a 1,500-watt induction motor, tests have shown this provides the most constant rate of water pressure, making it just the thing for cleaning patios, bikes and cars. pounds 85. Exclusive to Homebase. For branches call 0645 801 800.

Flymo Cordless RC320 Wheeled Mower More convenient than a cable mower, it's also cleaner and requires less maintenance than a petrol mower. This cordless wonder should be able to cut a lawn tennis court on just one charge and has a rear roller should you fancy traditional stripes. pounds 200. For stockists call Flymo on 01325 300 303.

Solar Power Fountain A fountain that does not require batteries or wiring - it's powered by the sun. The "island" floats on water and during sunny days the fountain height will reach about 12 inches. pounds 79.99. Available by mail order from Innovations on 0870 908 7002.

Weather Monitor WM 918 Provides information on temperature, wind speed and air pressure allowing you to forecast the weather. Information can be displayed in graphs and tables, and data can be transferred to a PC. From pounds 350. By mail order from Skyview systems on 01787 883 138.