Fast Forward: Hot stuff

Radiators; Turn up the temperature this winter with the very latest in cool heating.
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Think of radiators and you don't tend to think of sexy, radical design - after all, they are just the white slabs of metal bolted to the wall that gurgle once in a while. But like just about everything else in the home, radiators have undergone a transformation. Now they can be beautiful objects in their own right.

Single rads can be integrated into an existing central heating system, (they must be fixed to the wall). If you don't have a heating system, many designs are also available as electric heaters, and there are also a number of portable plug-in versions. The best position for a radiator is in the coldest part of the room, which is usually under the window.

Clockwise from right

Flow Form 506w output. pounds 236 (plus VAT). Available from Bisque, 244 Belsize Road, London NW6 and by mail order on 0171-328 2225.

La Scala* 760w-1196w output. From pounds 1,146 (plus VAT). Available from Bisque, as before.

Super Gizmo Thermostat Infrared remote control which operates radiators. The timer regulates room temperature and there is a drying function for towels. pounds 146 (plus VAT). Available from Bisque, as before.

The Seta 150-28* 886w output. pounds 250 (plus VAT) Available from Bisque, as before.

Hot Spring 120* 719w output. pounds 432 (plus VAT). Selected by the Design Council as a Millennium Product. Available from Bisque, as before.

Cactus Electric convection heater. pounds 400 Available by mail order from Priestman Goode on 0171-935 6665.

Raf 3* 864w output. pounds 1,797 (plus VAT). Italian-made. Available from Bisque, as before.

*Indicates electric plug-in version is also available.