Sticker prints, ring-pulls and recycling are just some of the options available with the new generation of instant cameras
Polaroid P-Cam

With its pull-up flash unit and slide control to set distance from subject, this camera is rather like the old-school Polaroid. Too large for pocket or handbag, so best for those who need it for work. Takes standard Polaroid film (8.8cm x 10.7cm). pounds 26. Additional film: pounds 11 (10 exposures). For stockists, call 0800 010119.

Fujifilm Instax Mini

Looking more like a digital camera than an instant, the Mini offers credit-card-sized prints (4.6cm x 6.2mm). It has a built-in flash, retractable lens and two shutters to make it easier to take pictures horizontally or vertically. pounds 65. Additional film: pounds 7 (10 exposures). For stockists, call 0171-586 5900.

Polaroid PopShots

Currently not available in the UK, Popshots is a disposable Polaroid. It provides 10 instant pictures and has a built-in flash. In the States, a pre-paid envelope is included to return the camera so it can be recycled. For further information, visit

Tomy Xiao

The Tomy Xiao is available only as an import, but Polaroid has released the similar i-Zone Pocket Cam in the UK. Both take mini- pictures or stickers. Tomy Xiao pounds 35, from Pineal Eye on 0171-434 2567; i-Zone pounds 17.99. Additional film: stickers pounds 5; mini-pictures pounds 4 (12 exposures). For stockists, call 0800 010119.

Polaroid JoyCam

More compact than a traditional Polaroid and aimed at the "fun market", the JoyCam produces 11.2cm x 6.4cm prints. Simply take your shot and then yank the ring pull to reveal the picture. pounds 15. Additional film: pounds 6 (10 exposures). For stockists, call 0800 010119.

Fujifilm Instax 100

Fuji has developed its own instant film, Instax. The Instax 100 is fairly bulky but only produces a 6.2cm x 9.9cm picture. The flash has fill-in capability and there is a darken/lighten control to ensure even exposure. pounds 25. Additional film: pounds 10 (10 exposures). For stockists, call 0171-586 5900.