Fast Forward: Under pressure

Whether you're at work, driving or even in the bath, there's a massage gadget for every occasion
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Life is stressful enough - whether it be a train ride to work in the morning or waiting in a long queue at the supermarket after a hard day - without the extra burden of Christmas shopping and entertaining. However, there's no reason to get wound up about it, especially if you give yourself 20 minutes with an electronic massager. So take time to relax and treat yourself to the best purchase you'll make this Christmas.

BaByliss Foot Massager

It might look a bit severe but this gives a shiatsu massage to the feet with a touch of infrared heat for added relaxation. It features two speed/heat settings, plus a toe touch on/off switch. pounds 35. For further information and stockists call 0870 513 3191.

Rio Pain Relief System

For sufferers of muscular pain, Tens (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) treatment helps to relieve pain without the use of painkillers. Place the pads on the affected area and use one of the six treatment programmes to release electrical impulses which persuade the brain that the pain has subsided. pounds 50. For information and stockists call 01242 702345.

Scholl PediSpa Centre

Sit back, relax and give your feet the first-class treatment with the heat, whirl and massage functions of the PediSpa Centre. The unit also comes with attachments to massage, brush and scrub the soles of your feet. pounds 60. For stockists and information call 0114 242 0405.

Scholl Back Massager

This cushion has two massage zones to cover the upper and lower back. The hand controller operates the massage kneading effect and applies heat to relax tight muscles. pounds 45. For information and stockists call 0114 242 0405.

Viva Aromatherapy Body Massager

This massager heats up to activate the aromatherapy oils inside it and has four applicators for use on different parts of the body. pounds 26. For further information and stockists call 01695 556262.

The President

The President has rollers that move up the back of the chair to relax and tone back and neck muscles. Choose the soothing vibrating massage or feel revitalised with kneading actions. There's even an optional in- built radio cassette player with speakers - all worked from the control panel on the arm. pounds 3,000. For further information and ordering call The Back Shop on 0171-935 9120 or visit

Tisserand Car Clear

Take the stress out of driving with this essential oils vaporiser. Just plug the unit into your car's cigarette lighter and allow the natural oils to revive and stimulate you. pounds 13. For stockists and mail order enquiries call 01273 325666.

BaByliss 8020 Bath Spa

Attach this to your bath and you've got an instant whirlpool spa with hydromassage. It has a variable control so that you can have the water as bubbly as you like. pounds 79. For further information and stockists call 0870 513 3191.