Feedback: Expert jury: What price honesty in a doctor?

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Should Brandon Lee keep his place at Dundee University?

Anna Gardin Admissions Sub Dean, University of Liverpool

He really should have applied the first time round through the appropriate channels. He had his chance then. One of the vital things the public is entitled to from their doctors is a belief in their honesty and integrity: a fundamental requirement of a doctor. If he had applied as himself he surely could have been considered in that capacity.

Tom O'Connor

Entertainer and former teacher

My first impression was that it reminded me of that old gag - they're going to raise the school leaving age to 65 so that everyone can leave and automatically become a lollypop lady. Obviously Brandon (right) wanted his lollypop hat. Seriously though, I admire his tenacity. Who knows what will be gained by his joining the medical profession, he is obviously a determined young man. It's a spur for anyone who is a late developer.

Dr Katy Gardner GP in Toxteth, Liverpool

It is basically an indictment of the system. Life is made so difficult for doctors in Britain that they are all leaving the country, so surely they should be glad of anyone who genuinely wants to learn. His life experience and age would hold him in good stead should he wish to practice - so many young people come to the profession for the wrong reasons with little idea of the commitment involved. He did not do the right thing, but we must look at the circumstances.

Eric Hall Sports agent and ex-music agent

The guy lied and he must take the consequences. My policy is always to tell the truth and accept the flak. It is unfortunate, but he should give a monster apology to Dundee and take it from there. With all the unemployment, if he wants to work they should let him. He should get a rap on the knuckles and promise not to let them down again.

Alison Everett Broadcaster and ex-animator

He passed the exams, which is fine as long as he did not try and molest any of the girls or snog them at discos. Nobody trusts doctors anyway. I am just incredibly jealous of him. It wouldn't really work for a woman to pretend that at 35 she was 15, far too many wrinkles. I am just surprised they did not pick up on the name Brandon Lee.

Charlie Samnon Second-year medical student at Manchester University

His main worry, I think, was funding, which he would not have been entitled to as he had already started a degree elsewhere. It is a legitimate worry, but it seems unfair to give him a double helping from the same pot when so many students are having to drop out because they are not getting grants the first time round.