"The thing that makes me feel good is an all-over body massage. First you need a comfortable, warm atmosphere that smells good, sounds good and looks good. Equally, it's about having a slow, sure touch that only needs the fingertips to provoke a kind of erotic response. The place I like to do it best is our country house, where I'm relaxed and it is very beautiful.

We plan a time, and we usually have a warm shower or a warm bath beforehand so that the pores of the skin are open and we are relaxed. If you are cold, you feel touch as pain.

We then use one of the bedrooms, though not a bed, as that is too bouncy. We spread a coverlet on the floor and carry out the massage there.

There are some very simple rules. One is to take things slowly. The second is always to massage away from the spine. The third is to use a simple circling stroke with the flat of the hand.

I am hooked on Ambre Solaire. I associate the smell with holidays, so that's what we use.

On one occasion I will have a massage, but then it is understood that I will reciprocate on the next.

Assuming it is being done by someone who is good at it I can relax very rapidly indeed. After half an hour, my body feels completely alive and I become completely sensually responsive."

Interview by NICK WALKER

Anne Hooper is a sex therapist and writer. Her latest book, 'Anne Hooper's Ultimate Sex Disc', will be available on CD-rom later in the year.