feelgood factor: Eddie Izzard

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"I'm into yoga, though I've only done two sessions - I'm in the middle of touring.

I actually started going off to a physiotherapist because I had this pain in my left leg. My hamstring had gone and she said that I needed yoga. I did a one-on-one session and learnt this stretching programme which should eventually all be linked into one long movement, so you're working everything from your back down through your body.

When I was at boarding school I consciously rejected all discipline. Now I find it hard to discipline myself in any way. I don't think yoga fits into any idea of discipline. Because of all the stretching I have a mental image of it being a very flexible thing.

My body is not particularly lithe. After a while I just let it go. There are so many different types of exercise. I would try this and then that, and get confused. Yoga felt right, even though it was difficult. There were certain things I was supposed to do that I couldn't. In one movement I was supposed to put my leg under my body and it kept going round. But the breathing was great. It was almost a trippy thing, coupling this rasping breathing with working and stretching.

I picked it up really quickly. It was really good. The best thing about yoga is that it made me relax and that is one of the most important things: to be able to relax."

Eddie Izzard's third West End show runs from 10 October to 16 December at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London, 0171-379 5399.