"Ihave been taking vitamin supplements for years. I began when I was about 20 with a daily multivitamin. I learnt a lot through Jan de Vries, a Dutch homoeopathic doctor who was a guest on a radio programme I did. He said that if you have only one supplement, vitamin C has to be it. I take about 100mg every morning.

"I also take CH3 - Barbara Cartland calls it her brain fuel - and it's fantastic for energy. It has got vitamin A, vitamins B and D, a bit of everything really. I also take something called Urti-Calcin, which is very good for women over 40. We are told to cut out fat and dairy products and of course what we are doing is cutting down calcium. To prevent osteoporosis it's very important for women to take calcium, but to take the right kind, so that it can be absorbed. I take six of those tablets a day.

"I take pure vitamin E - two a day - it's good for skin and hair. Since I started taking it, I haven't had to use conditioner. Something else I started recently is Ginsa Vita. It is a combination tablet that is good for energy. Ginkgo is the latest thing from America and is supposed to be for circulation, and helps short-term and long-term memory. I take that, too.

"I know doctors say if you eat well, you don't need supplements, but few people who work on the run have a balanced diet. Certainly when I was doing daily radio the diet wasn't very good. I'd be lucky to grab a dried-up sandwich. If I think supplements make me feel good, so what?

"I work on the premise that if they don't do me any harm, they are bound to be doing me some good."