"I dance to light rock music before I get dressed in the morning as a form of exercise. It has to be old Sixties stuff - Fleetwood Mac. I used to dance around with no clothes on, but I discovered the neighbours could see me and they must have wondered what on earth this naked bloke leaping up and down was doing. After that I started wearing underpants.

When I first get up I feel really drowsy, but after 15 minutes of dancing I feel wonderfully exhilarated. All my energy is flowing. I started forcing myself to dance in the morning after setting up the computer business in Neal's Yard, London. After months of doing very physical work, I was spending more and more time just sitting down. I felt I was wasting away.

I had to force myself into dancing at first, but now I can't start the day without it. I don't do any particular kind of dancing, I just fling myself around. To start off, it's pretty slow and not very fluid, but as I get going it gets looser and freer. Still, it's nothing like dancing on ecstasy - the most amazing kind of exercise there is."

Interview by NICK WALKER

The writer, a New Age entrepreneur, is the author of 'E for Ecstasy'. His next book, 'Ecstasy and the Dance Culture', is published next month.