"I'm addicted to fresh juice first thing. It's a ritual I follow on tour. I bring my own juicer with me, a chrome one with a handle you press down on. It only does citrus fruit. I have a Moulinex juicer so I can do carrots and other things. I find it still gives quite a lot of pulp, so I scrape that off to get the pure juice. I wash the fruit to get any chemicals off, then slice it up to fit in the blender. To make something like broccoli and carrot, you have to use the broccoli stems because that's where the juice is. Then I top and tail the carrots. I don't peel the skin because it's a good source of betacarotine. I break up ice and then make a sort of vegetable milkshake.

Fruit gives you direct energy. Before I even hit the coffee, it's half a pint of orange juice - that's six or seven oranges, but it's worth it.

I started drinking fresh juices about a year ago, when I got a personal trainer. He helped me to get off the over-use of alcohol and cigarettes. I used to drink myself to sleep and then get up and just have lots of water.

I had to stop that. He told me about energy-giving foods. Broccoli and carrot is a bit like V8 - you mix them and it gives it a spicy vegetable flavour. Things that are canned or preserved lose their goodness. When things are fresh, the energy is in there; it's alive, the molecules are growing. It makes me feel a lot clearer. I feel groggy otherwise."

Interview by Nick Walker. Peter Cunnah is the singer with D:Ream. His single 'Shoot Me with Your Love', from the album 'World', is now on release.