feelgood factor: Sylvia Sims

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"Walking is one of my favourite forms of activity. I do swim and go to a club, but I'm desultory in that way.

I have a dog, so I walk a fair amount anyway. It's a small dog called Molly. She's a Scotty. I go for walks with her regularly; twice a day if I don't have a show on.

We normally go to Barnes Common, Richmond Park or Chiswick House. Holland Park I love, because the cafe at the top has the best coffee in London. I don't think it's that interesting for Molly because she has to be on a lead where the rabbits are. Kensington Gardens first thing in the morning is divine.

It's a calming thing. Having Molly is great, because I don't feel alone when I'm walking. Still, I prefer walking with a friend. I have a very close friend who comes with me and it's normally when we do all our domestic nattering and talk about children and this and that. When you're walking with a friend you can move in silence or have the most intimate conversation. It's all enhanced by being in the open air.

When I was rehearsing I would get up at seven so that I could drive somewhere nice to walk. I like being up and active early. But now the play is in full swing, I feel I'm doing enough being in a farce. It takes up enough of my energy."


Sylvia Sims appears in 'Funny Money' at the Playhouse, London (0171- 839 4401).