For hedonistic revellers, the festival season presents the greatest challenge of the year. Vast expansive fields, more acts than a decade of Royal Variety Performances, police officers who turn a blind eye, and enough mud to keep a hippo happy for life.

A successful festival trip requires far more than a valid ticket, road map, and waterproof jacket. Without detailed planning, a three-day festival can become a rancid, freezing hell on earth - or mud, to be precise. The pounds 3 pink blankets you laughed at in the sun at 3pm look very attractive at 3am in sub-zero temperatures.

If you take the right gear (don't forget loo rolls and black bin bags), you can stay warm and dry. Enjoy the bands and devote your time to really important pursuits - like bunking into hallowed VIP areas.

Award 200: pounds 30

A summer sleeping bag with essential security pocket and hood in case you're forced to sleep under the stars. Squeezing two inside is difficult, but it's a great ice-breaker. Available with left- and right- hand zips for easy access - or a quick escape

Fudge Swiss Army Knife: pounds 15

Let's face it, you'll only ever use it to pop bottle tops and uncork wine but you never know when those other 50 specialist blades will come in handy

Polaroid Polapulse Light: pounds 4.99

Wonderfully functional and very stylish to boot. This innovative gadget is a dancefloor accessory and essential survival item in one. It gives out a high-powered and wide beam that will illuminate the darkest tent. It's lightweight and can be worn around the neck while displaying all your best dance moves

Piz Buin UVA20 Sun Lotion: pounds 12

Essential for sad topless dancers. If the sun ever comes out, don't take the risk

Award Tourdome: pounds 70

Your home away from home sleeps three and will become a special part of your life when the weather turns bad. Features handy storage space and is easy to erect, essential when dozens of intoxicated revellers meander into your tent at night

Line 7 Clogs: pounds 40

Nothing beats a welly boot but after hours of dancing, the smell will mature to grande fromage proportions. Even if you convince someone to come back to your tent they won't stay for long. These clogs allow your feet to breathe, and offer protection and grip in the mud. Most importantly, they look good