Perfect for sauntering along French boulevards, try this little red number on for size (but make sure it's not too tight)
THIS red dress from Oasis is quite lovely. For a start it's called a "Parisian Rose-print Dress" which makes me come over all chic and summery - like I'm in a film.

The best things about it are the shoulder straps and the neckline; the straps because they're just the right width to be optimally flattering to your shoulders, and the neckline because it's very sophisticated. Although it's quite Fifties in style, it has a side split which means you can walk easily.

Don't buy it too tight or it won't look right, and be aware that you can buy it in regular or longer length depending on your height.

Wear it with a little cardigan and some sandals (really nice, heeled, red ones with roses from Shellys), and it will look great with tanned skin.

Never lie about where it's from, though, as there's one drawback to it: unfortunately, the print is instantly recognisable.

Red dress (sizes 8-14), pounds 49.99, Oasis. Enquiries: 01865 881986.