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Woody Harrelson, star of `Wag The Dog'

Wood by name... Harrelson's love of trees knows no bounds. Having created a massive traffic jam on San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge while unfurling an anti-logging banner last November, Harrelson admitted to public nuisance and trespassing offences. The punishment? A three-day camping trip with 20 deprived children.

White men can't hemp: Two years ago, Harrelson was arrested in another high-profile protest. In front of a specially invited press-pack, the 36-year-old vegan planted four hemp seeds in defiance of a Kentucky state ban on the plant which forbids the cultivation of hemp for any purpose.//

The People Vs. Woody Harrelson: The young Harrelson was no stranger to the long arm of the law: "Violence was almost an aphrodisiac for me." His youthful aberrations led to him spending a period in a school for troubled children. At least Harrelson managed to avoid being dragged down by his father - Charles Voyde was a hit man sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a judge.

Natural Born Lover: Harrelson believes himself to be a sex addict. With one marriage behind him - to Neil Simon's daughter - he has been romantically linked to Glenn Close, Brooke Shields and Moon Unit Zappa (to name but a few) before his marriage this year to long-term girlfriend Laura Louie.