Fan facts: Kelsey Grammer
Kelsey Grammer, star of 'Anastasia'

Case History... Kelsey had - in cod psychology terms - a nightmare childhood. Parents were murdered, sister died young, and brother was eaten by a shark. He has displayed chronic lack of stability, transient relationships (divorced twice), an addictive personality (treatment for drink and cocaine addiction), and attention-seeking behaviour (allegations of sex with a minor, and jail sentences for drink driving and possessing cocaine). Standard behaviour includes dressing up in African tribal dress, sucking toes, cross-dressing, and three-in-a-bed scenarios.

From bar stool to on the couch... Kelsey used to play pompous, Ivy League-educated psychiatrist Frasier Crane in Cheers. He swopped Boston beer for Seattle coffee, and sitting consultations for radio phone-ins. He displays an obsessive desire to mutate according to others' desires, and to please the authority figure as represented by TV executives.

From sideshow to Shakespeare... Kelsey is a stage-trained veteran of Shakespeare roles. But he has experienced what Frasier would call dumbing down, (that would be a compliment), as in real-life Kelsey is more than happy to appear regularly in The Simpsons as the voice of Sideshow Bob. Regression therapy, or even psychoanalysis of infantile lust for cartoon characters, might help.

Oh, the problems of stardom... Phone-in callers to Frasier Crane include Jodie Foster, Mel Brooks, Carrie Fisher, Kevin Bacon and Lily Tomlin. All bar Jodie probably didn't need to fabricate their problem.

Patterns of behaviour... Kelsey's previous wife was a former stripper. She has stripped the relationship bare via selling various stories about bizarre behaviour to the tabloids. Kelsey's current wife, Camille Donatacci, is 28. An early diagnosis is that he chooses women so that he can remain in the adolescent stage, where he can locate his childish feelings of dependency in the women and struggle with longings for adult independence.

Freudian extensions... Grammer has a Mercedes-Benz, a Dodge Viper sports car (until he crashed it), and a 37-foot boat. Owning five dogs and a parrot shows a need for 'substitute best-friends' and parrot-like reassurance.