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Moore is less: The American satirist Michael Moore has run into trouble over his latest documentary film. The Big One has had to pull its poster campaign, based on the "Men In Black" Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones image. Moore is pictured in a black suit with dark sunglasses clutching a microphone against a New York City skyline, with the strapline: "Protecting the Earth from the scum of corporate America". Moore claimed this was justifiable parody, but an American court ruled otherwise.

Deconstructing Woody: Despite the critical success of recent efforts such as Mighty Aphrodite, Everyone Says I Love You and Deconstructing Harry, modest box-office performance has forced Woody Allen into cost- cutting exercises. He took a pay cut and attempted to persuade his staff to follow suit, he told the New York Times, but the production team he has spent years cultivating is now splitting up, saying they can't afford to stick by their director.

Come back again? Look out: David Caruso, the ex-NYPD Blue flatfoot, is set to produce and star in Fence Jumpers, in which he'll play an Irish cop whose two childhood friends have become gangsters. The actor must have faith in writer Robert Leuci, on whose novel

the film is to be based - the stinker that was to have pitched Caruso into the big-time, Prince of Thieves, was based on Leuci's former career as a cop.

Indiana lives: That studio scourge the "Ain't It Cool News" website has spawned rumours that Harrison Ford will crack the bull whip in a fourth Indiana Jones film, provisionally entitled Indiana Jones and the Lost Continent. But Steven Spielberg is set to start shooting on his Memories of a Geisha Girl early next year and director George Lucas is up to his jedi in the new Star Wars trilogy.

Muse news: Sharon Stone's attempts to generate interesting roles for herself have proved mixed. Diabolique is best forgotten, but Casino revealed a fine talent for character roles and Albert Brooks's next film might give her the chance to show it. She'd play a muse to Brooks's LA screenwriter in the comedy.