Raindance is a version of the prestigious Sundance Film Festival but with a hefty slice of British humour in the title and a showcase for films from all over the world rather than just America. This year there will be 35 feature films from eight countries, most of which have never been seen in Britain or, indeed, Europe before.

This evening will show three independent feature films and British premieres from Russia, Finland and the Czech Republic. The Russian director of Life Is As Strong As Death, Andrei Nekrasav, and the Finnish director of Freakin' Beautiful World, Jarmo Lampela, are going to be present at the screening. "We have 37 feature films with all but two attended by the directors," says organiser Elliot Groves. "Raindance in London has become one of the major launching pads for film-makers."

There are seminars on what haunts film makers at night and there is the first simultaneous broadcast and screening of digitally created films for the Internet - Virtual Raindance.

Raindance, 81 Berwick Street, W1V 3PF (0171-287 3833)