Film: Recorded Delivery

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The Star Wars Trilogy (U) Fox, retail, 6 October pounds 39.99

All tidied up, dusted down and boasting a few extra scenes courtesy of digital technology, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi together grossed over pounds 28 million at the box office, thereby confirming that we are a nation of unadulterated anoraks. The most noticeable addition to Star Wars is a heart-to-heart between Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and the overgrown slug Jabba the Hut. The Return of the Jedi "benefits" from a toe-curling alien song and dance routine held in Jabba's court. Other special effects include some polished spaceship scrapping and some more convincing monsters, but on the whole the hammy acting, the bad hairdos and the polystyrene costumes thankfully remain intact.

Dead Silence (15) Mosaic, rental, 8 October.

James Garner plays Agent Potter, an FBI negotiator wheeled in to sweet talk Handy (Kim Coates) who has taken a group of deaf students hostage. Garner addresses his younger male colleagues as "son" and his female colleagues with a nastily raised eyebrow and generally rubs everyone - including the viewer - up the wrong way.

Ren & Stimpy: As Stinky As They Wanna Be (U) CIC, retail, 6 October pounds 7.99

A crazed Chihuahua and his gullible feline sidekick form a repellent but entertaining duo in this hallucinogenic cartoon, sadly struck off the BBC schedules despite its immense popularity. In an act of extraordinary environmental consciousness, Ren & Stimpy take it upon themselves to save an endangered species, the filth-infested lummox.

Mission Impossible. (PG) CIC, retail, Wide Screen, 6 October pounds 15.99

Suspension of disbelief is crucial to the enjoyment of Brian de Palma's take-off of the cult TV show. Tom Cruise plays the secret agent, equipped with all the accompanying gadgetry, given the mission to trap a former Russian spy suspected of selling a secret list of the world's top undercover agents. After the mission goes wrong, he finds himself framed for the death of his espionage team during an elaborate mole-hunt.