Private Parts (18) Entertainment, rental, 17 Nov In this self- confessed vanity project, US shock-jock Howard Stern traces his rise to fame from college radio nerd to top DJ nerd. His studio antics - which are by turns funny and repellent - involve simulated sex with naked models, the ritual humiliation of phone-in listeners and lessons in auto-eroticism. Despite his self-mythologising, it is difficult to dislike Stern since he regularly turns the mockery towards himself. Indeed, the opening scenes showing Stern as a young comedian dressed as Captain Fartman, and the jarring on-air jokes about his wife's miscarriage show that Stern will stop at nothing for the sake of a laugh. HHHH

Gridlock'd (18), Polygram, rental, 17 Nov Gridlock'd offers a day in the life of a pair of drug-addled degenerates (Tim Roth and Tupac Shakur) whose desire to be rid of their habits is hampered by an inadequate health system. A darkly comic atmosphere emerges from the string of fatalistic events that put them on the police "most wanted" list, and their deadpan banter provides immeasurable entertainment. A true classic. HHHHH

Everyone Says I Love You (12), Buena Vista, rental, 18 Nov Skylar (Drew Barrymore) is in love with Holden, but finds herself falling for ex-con Charles (Tim Roth). Meanwhile, Joe, Steffi's (Goldie Hawn) ex-husband, uses information gathered by his daughter to entice Von (Julia Roberts) to Paris. Woody Allen's giddy foray into the musical is enchanting. It boasts a sparkling cast who all give smart performances, though few can have been secured for their singing talents. HHHHH

Scream (18), Buena Vista, rental, 18 November A mysterious killer garbed in a Grim Reaper outfit mercilessly guts high- school kids in a small American town. The twist in the tale is that he picks on kids who arrogantly pride themselves as aficionados of stalk- and-slash movies. These kids know not to go into the cellar, to look behind them, or answer the phone - or do they? Clever but not altogether scary. HHHH