John Goodman:

The Borrowers

Need to borrow: Goodman's latest film, The Borrowers, was said to be the most expensive family movie made in Britain by a British company since Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Supplies, anyone: The film, which focuses on the antics of four-inch people living in a house with regular-sized humans, required outlandishly large props such as a 15-inch paper-clip and 10-foot toaster.

Pay-cut: Goodman starred in a San Diego production of Henry IV for $400 a week. At the time he was making $100,000 a week starring in Roseanne.

Dire warning: Goodman, who weighs more than 20 stones, was told to lose six stones or die.

Still sexy: Despite his large frame, readers of an American woman's magazine voted him the World's Sexiest Man.

Yabba Doo: Flintstones creator Joe Barbera said Goodman was the closest thing to Fred Flinstone alive.

Soul man: Dan Aykroyd has recruited Goodman to star in a sequel to the hit 1980 film Blues Brothers. It's scheduled to be called "Blues Brothers 2000".

Muppet magic: Goodman starred in an episode of The Muppets where he saved Miss Piggy's nephews from being electrocuted. In return they had to satisfy his every need.

`The Borrowers' opens today.