Internet retailers around the world are moving beyond geographic borders bringing consumers greater opportunities for bargains.

A study by Forrester Research Inc. published September 28 shows that US-based internet retailers are reaching beyond borders and attempting to capture the attention of foreign consumers. Nearly 73 percent of US retailers surveyed already send products abroad from a warehouse in their own country and another 17 percent have established distribution centers in foreign countries.   

However it is not just US-based retailers that are trying to capture the foreign market, though subsidiaries such as of have long been a presence abroad. An increasing number of Asian sites are also expanding overseas.  

For consumers keen to take advantage of cheap prices and favorable exchange rates, Japanese site rRakuten sells everything from clothing, rice cookers to sake and maternity swimwear and ships to Australia, the USA, Canada, the UK and Singapore. also exports products including fake nails and electronic goods from Japan to anywhere in the world. Electronics and household goods can be bought either directly, or for non-Chinese speakers through an agent, from Chinese site Taobao; YesAsia also ships a wide variety of products to Oceania.

However customers in search of a bargain should confirm any shipping charges or import duties before confirming their purchase.

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