The release of the latest Firefox browser, Firefox 4, by Software company Mozilla has won the brand friends and followers on both Facebook and Twitter, leading it to make its debut in the brands' fan trends charts this week. Other new entries in the Facebook rankings include FaceMoods, Buffalo Wild Wings and Old Spice.

Mozilla released the highly anticipated Firefox 4 on March 22: the new version of the Firefox browser has proved to be popular with internet users the world over causing Firefox 4 to be downloaded 1 million times in the first three hours following its release.

The Mozilla Firefox brand appears twice in this week's rankings at fourth and tenth place in the Facebook and Twitter charts respectively. The rise of the brand's popularity across both these social networks is no doubt due to the fact that Facebook users can download Firefox 4 for mobile devices from the brand's Facebook page and follow updates on Twitter.

Several other new entries also chart in the Facebook rankings this week, including, e-reader Amazon Kindle, US dining chain Buffalo Wild Wings and toiletries brand Old Spice - famous for the " Man your man could smell like" series of viral videos.

However the top new entry in the Facebook charts this week is FaceMoods - FaceMoods allows users to personalize their emails, blogs or Facebook posts with a range of smiling emoticons and colorful graphics. FaceMoods are compatible with the following messaging and social networking systems - Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL and Windows Live Hotmail.

As of Thursday, March 31, the ten biggest product brands on Facebook and Twitter in terms of "fans today" and "followers today" (with "+/-" indicating a change from last week's position), according to, were:


01.  FaceMoods (+1,909 fans today)    new entry
02.  YouTube (+843 fans today)   +3
03.  Apple App Store (+653 fans today) re-entry
04.  Mozilla Firefox (+560fans today)   new entry
05.  Amazon Kindle (+556 fans today)   new entry
06.  Old Spice (+535 fans today) new entry
07.  Xbox (+ 475 fans today) re-entry
08.  Adidas Originals (+398 fans today) no change
09.  Sony Ericsson (+302 fans today)   re-entry
10.  Buffalo Wild Wings (+274 fans today) new entry


01.  YouTube (+ 1,203 followers today)   no change
02.  UberSocial (+1,024 followers today)   no change
03.  AddThis (+675 followers today)   no change
04.  iTunes (+262 followers today) no change
05.  iTunes Music (+262 followers today) no change
06.  PlayStation (+202 followers today) no change
07.  iTunes Trailers (+202 followers today) +2
08.  Apple App Store (+193 followers today) -2
09.  TweetDeck (+169 followers today) -1
10.  Mozilla Firefox (+147 followers today) new entry

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