Busting out: this hands-on cleavage treatment sounds like a "personal service", which, one supposes, it is. Administered by a beauty therapist, the Bio-Therapeutic Gloves System is designed to lift and shape the chest. The gloves use a series of electronic signals to tighten and strengthen skin tissue gently. Men who want to volunteer as therapists should be prepared for disappointment. A half-hour consultation costs pounds 20. Call 01926 337680 for your nearest Bio-Therapeutic salon.

Charity is beautiful: every time a Mary Kay Skin Care Supplement product is sold before the end of 1995, they'll donate pounds 1 to Well Being, the charity for research into women and babies' health. Their target is pounds 10,000.

Root of the problem: The Complete Guide To Homeopathy is an all-you- need-to-know volume aimed at beginners, complete with big, colourful pictures, ailment charts and a self-assessment questionnaire. Find out if you are a nux vomica type (highly strung and dapper) or merely a pulsatilla (shy with a tendency towards plumpness). Then rub on some root vegetables to make it all better. The book, by Dr Andrew Lockie & Dr Nicola Geddes, is available, price pounds 16.99, from Dorling Kindersley from September. See feature opposite. Body talk: patch-testing for food allergies could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to computerised health screening. The Listen System claims to screen the body for food sensitivities and vitamin and mineral imbalances, simply by holding what appears to be a biro on your fingertip - it's actually "a galvanometer to measure skin impedence over specific acupressure points". It then suggests remedies. The Listen System costs pounds 55 for a one-hour consultation. Contact Anne Smithells, Biotech Health and Nutrition Centre, Lyndum House, 12 High Street, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 3JG, 01730 233414.

Slap happy: Makeup Time is a one-day, commendably down-to-earth course designed to make the best out of your own array of make-up, rather than risking "buy-this-and-be-beautiful" advice at a cosmetic counter. The New York make-up artist Michael Criscuolo carefully guides you through a detailed hands-on session. A Makeup Time session costs from pounds 65. Contact Krista Maddon at Time, 3 Percy Street, London W1, 0171-436 1915.

Scent of a woman: pheromone-impregnated T-shirt anyone? Innerscents' latest gimmick uses body heat to activate that subtle sexual aroma, claiming it will help you let the "boy of your dreams" (and any other male who happens to be passing) know you're "interested". Makes a change from having to laugh at his jokes. TheT-shirt, priced at pounds 11.99, comes in one size. Mail order from BTC, 85 Woodland Avenue, Hutton, Essex (of course) CM13 1HH, 01277 233234.