It's attractive, it's good feng shui and the fish love it - honest
THE ULTIMATE feng shui accessory has to be the aptly-named Lutopia, patented by RT Bubbles, aka partners Rob Case and Thomas Zieglmeier. A toilet cistern that doubles as an aquarium, the Lutopia not only provides a splendid adornment for the WC, but might also be a valuable financial investment...

"Both fish and flowing water can stimulate the wealth and prosperity aspect of your home," explains feng shui consultant, Lorraine Lewis. But before you splash out on this magnificent loo, be warned that there is a catch. Toilets themselves are believed by feng shui experts to flush away success, unless kept in pristine condition. "Fortunately," says Rob, "the Lutopia is self-cleaning. The water is oxygenated by the fish and is also replenished every time you flush." Thus harmony is restored and remuneration is almost certain.

Luminous by night and filled with plants and pebbles, the visual effect is stunning. Goldfish are the most successful tenants, adapting easily to the cooler temperatures of English waters. Rob insists the fish are safe as houses. "There is a valve at the base of the cistern that controls the water level and only a third is washed away. The fish are barely disturbed, less water is wasted and everyone's happy." Including RT Bubbles, who charge pounds 395 for the system. (Tel: 0171 286 8681)