The best overseas 10 Irish pubs have been named / Rex

List stretches from UK to Uganda and includes establishments in Canada and Australia

An Irish newspaper has named the top 10 Irish pubs outside Ireland.

Part of the Irish Times Generation Emigration project, the national newspaper asked Irish readers from around the world to send in a “love letter” about their favourite Irish pub overseas in February.

The paper claims that they had received over 1,500 entries from 41 countries, including traditional Irish emigrants such as the US or UK as well as Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain; and Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the Gulf states.

The top ten list stretches from Kuala Lumpur to Canada, from Peru to Australia. The list also includes one London entry (in Hackey) and a Uganda pub named Bubbles O’Leary.


Many of the establishments featured in the list have unusual or notable histories.

The Bubbles was – apparently – dismantled by builders in Drogheda, a town 56km north of Dublin, and transported thousands of miles to Kampala in Uganda where it was painstakingly reassembled by the same builders.

The St Orleans pub, Finn McCools (named after an Irish legend) was wrecked by Hurricane Catrina. Rebuilt with the help of local residents and donations, the pub has become a hub for the local community as it continues rebuilding.

In the coming weeks the newspaper promises that its researchers will visit each of those shortlisted before the panel, made up of John Byrne, chief executive of the Irish Pubs Global Federation; Ciara Kenny, curator of the Irish Times Generation Emigration website; and Liam Reid, director of corporate affairs at Diageo Ireland, decide on a winner.