The world's first twitter-inspired cookbook Eat Tweet was released in North America in September and will be available in the UK on November 25.

Each of the recipes is written in "Twitterese," explained Maureen Evans, the book's curator/author.

On her Twitter page she notes the book is filled with "tiny recipes serving 3-4."

For a sneak peek Evans has decoded 18 recipes and posted them on the Huffington Post blog on October 5:

Also, she offers a cheat sheet to help you decipher the "Twitterese" (140 characters max) of all 1,020 tweeted recipes from around the world including Kashgar Noodles, Biscottis, Garlic Chicken & Chocolate, Lemon Lentil Soup, Mussels & Whisky Stew and Pumpkin Pie plus the required kitchen tips and techniques:

For more crowd-sourced recipes you might want to check out, billed as the Wikipedia of cooking, and's most buzzed recipes.

Eat Tweet can be purchased online and differs in price depending on country: $14.95/€10.80/C$18.95/£12.99: