Some of the finished faces / Candy Mechanics

Our chocaholic lifestyle writer Rachel Hosie has her head turned into a chocolate lollipop

If you’ve ever dreamt of eating a chocolate version of your head, that dream is about to become a reality.

In one of the most delicious things to emerge from recent technological developments, London-based start-up Candy Mechanics have created a way of making 3D lollipops - of human heads - made out of chocolate.

Founded by Sam Part and Ben Redford in 2015, along with in-house chocolatier and former chief taster at Green & Blacks William Leigh, and engineer Chris Tait, Candy Mechanics officially launches tomorrow.

Their first product, Candy Cards - personalised chocolate cards - will be available immediately, whilst you'll have to wait until December to get your hands on a Lolpop, so called because what's funnier than your head on a stick?

And all you'll need is a mobile phone - you upload a video to the website and from that the team create your lollipop.

Narcissistic chocoholic that I am, I couldn’t wait to experience the technology for myself and get my hands on a chocolate version of my head.

First, I made sure my hair wasn’t tucked behind my ears and my head was scanned from all angles by a handheld 3D scanner.

Next, I watched on a computer screen as a 3D model of my head appeared.

Then came the exciting bit: through a glass box (so as to avoid chocolate shavings going everywhere) I watched as a drill intricately started carving a plain white chocolate lollipop. First appears my nose, after 30 seconds or so I start to recognise myself, and just a few minutes later it’s complete.


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My chocolate bust is removed, given a quick spray with edible gold shimmer, and it’s finished.

Amazingly, it really does look like me.

Possibly with eco-conscious millennials in mind, Candy Mechanics collect all the chocolate shavings that are a byproduct of their creations, which are melted and can then be used in future faces.

With various different types of chocolate on offer as well as the option of adding sprinkles and toppings, the Candy Mechanics’ lollipops are set to be as delicious as they are fun.

And at £20 for a box of three, you won't face the dilemma of whether to eat or save yours.