A beginner's guide to Indian wine

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Arkavati grapes

Seedless and thin-skinned, this indigenous table grape is one of India's most popular varieties. It is used in white and sparkling wines and white port.


Arkashyam grapes are indigenous and can be traced back to ancient times. Previously grown in small quantities for the home market, arkash-yam has experienced a renaissance, providing a base for red wine and port.


Literally translating as "12 rivers" or "12 combinations", baramati is one of the most popular red grapes. Rarely used alone, it is a popular and affordable choice for fortified and blended reds.

Cabernet sauvignon

One of the most successful French grapes introduced to Indian soil. The country's cabernet blends are celebrated for their ability to complement the fieriest curries.


Chardonnay has thrived since its introduction to India and is the country's most popular white grape.