As April ends and May begins, the wine world is still buzzing over Bordeaux 2009 wine futures and the Asian market.

With Vinexpo and the London Wine Fair taking place in May, the news from wine trade publications ( Decanter, The Wine Advocate), wine gurus (Jancis Robinson, Robert M. Parker Jr.) and anyone that can tweet and sip wine is Asia, Asia, Asia.

Parker in the May edition of The Wine Advocate had this to say about Asians' entry into the wine futures market, "The old song and dance that the Asians don't pre-pay for wines, preferring to buy in bottle, is no longer true."

"Americans rarely bought ‘wine futures' thirty years ago, but all that changed with the 1982s, and it will change for the Asians with the 2009s." noted, "Parker also addresses the ever-interesting topic of price - but will not speculate much beyond expressing his 'pessimism' about prices remaining reasonable."

The good news is that the 2009 vintage is delicious, but by the time it is bottled and at your favorite wine shop the price could be driven way up.

Actual pricing is expected in early May. However Parker tweeted on April 29: "waste of energy complaining about wine prices - sure all top end Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, etc. are very expensive... but the fact is there are dramatically more very good wines under $20 then ever before."