Zagat, the oldest crowd-sourcing dining guide, sent an encouraging tweet on August 11 asking individuals to rate and review the best Las Vegas eateries before September 19.


It's free for you to vote or share your reviews and the process helps Zagat continue to be the leader as a people's choice dining guide.

In addition to voting for Las Vegas's top restaurants, San Diego's voting closes on August 29.

Plus drinkwell, a Zagat partner and the "world's first online consumer guide to quality drinks and service," is in search of the ‘best' drinks mixed in 37 US cities ranging from Cincinnati, Ohio to Seattle, Washington and Tucson, Arizona. Voting for the best bars and drinks closes on November 14.

Also The Titanic Awards 2010 online survey, referred to as the World's Worst List that points out the food and travel industry's failures, closed on July 30 and the results are to be revealed by mid-September.

To vote for Zagat, visit: and to take part in drinkwell surveys, go to: