Bike wine rack created for two-wheeled oenophile picnickers

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It's a bike accessory that pimps out the two-wheeled ride the oenophile way: with a handsome leather-strap bicycle wine-holder.

Though rudimentary in form - the bike wine rack is handmade with antique brass fasteners and vegetable-tanned leather - its novelty has captured the attention of high tech blogs like Gizmodo and TechCrunch.

To prove the thing really works - would the bottle slide out? how would it handle a pothole-marked journey? - the Montreal-based creator Jesse Herbert uploaded a new video this week that shows him zig-zagging across the city on his wine-loaded bike to meet his lady friend for an al fresco, wine-fueled picnic.

The leather wine rack attaches to any 1" bike frame and can be adjusted to fit different 3" bottles. The hidden clamping system keeps the clamp in place and the vegetable-tanned leather is oil-treated.

Herbert, who describes himself as a "designer, engineer, entrepreneur, musician and jack of many trades," sells the item under his brand and on, a global online boutique for artists and craftspeople.

Though the first 400 wine racks were made from recycled brass knobs he sourced from a Montreal scrap yard, demand has been so high he's had to purchase new knobs at a higher price. The bike racks retail for $30 CAD (€22) and he ships internationally.

Meanwhile, Gizmodo columnist Kwame Opam noted that while he doesn't like the idea of a wine bottle "hanging precariously" between his legs while he blazes through the city, the aesthetics of the product holds persuasive sway.

A Gizmodo reader, however, points out, "Is the old-fashioned bicycle basket not cool anymore?"

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