Jeannie Cho Lee, a leading Asian authority on wine, has hinted on Twitter that she will launch her site on March 30 with more detailed notes from her chateaux tastings during En Primeur Bordeaux 2009, the annual wine futures event.

The site has not yet launched but Lee, who is Asia's first Master of Wine (MW), has shared some thoughts from her early tastings since March 25 via Twitter:

Just finished a morning of St Emilions & Pomerols- not as consistent as I had expected

Both Pichons are great in 09 but Lalande is bottled poetry.

On my way to Rive Droit tasting. 2 full days on right bank. Tried some Pomerols which didn't disappoint.

The Brdx 09s have such intense colour that I can't remove the purple stains on my right hand. My teeth r an ugly shade of grey/lt purple.

Lee had this to say about her tastings at Chateaux Haut-Brion, Margaux and Latour (three of the five Premier Cru or First Growths, the other two are Lafite Rothschild and Mouton Rothschild):

Tasted all morning at various properties in Margaux- consistently good! Ch Margaux and Palmer are impressive combo of power with finesse.

Haut Brion 09 is phenomenal - a really impressive wine; 2nd wines are excellent too.

3 first growths so far- all 3 stunning wines w amazing density but fine tannin texture. V diff personalities & terroir expression.

Lee also explained the turn-out in Bordeaux at record highs:

They/HB told me 1400! Yes, for everyone in Brdx, this is the record # of visitors, many are having to turn away visitors.

At Regent hotel in central Brdx last nt, it was like being in Asia-half the diners/guests seem to b Asian. Ran into friends frm HK & Korea.

There is much more to come since to date Lee has "tasted all the 1st growths & most 2nd growths" and now has an "idea of the vintage." She "finished a 200 wine marathon tasting. Took my time to write all the notes & finished 9 hours later. Exhausted!," tweeted Lee. Until launches with all the notes, stay current with Twitter feeds: #JeannieChoLee