Eric Asimov, the wine critic for  The New York Times, noted on his NYT blog The Pour with a post on May 18, causing tweet-jerk reactions, that young Americans have lost their taste for Bordeaux:  "it' downright unfashionable" and "the new standard of excellence is Burgundy." Asimov felt the need to clarify on May 21 that he loves Bordeaux.

It is no secret that the wine world is catering to the burgeoning Asian market and Americans are falling out of love with Bordeaux even though the euro is falling. 

"I don't want to go through the whole argument again, but I do want to clarify my own position. I love good Bordeaux!" and "I love white Bordeaux, too, " writes Asimov in his new post "Questioning Bordeaux, But Still Loving It".

He goes on to explain that under-50s still enjoy Bordeaux but there are a lot of other wines that might match better with dishes. He promises to not "get defensive about Bordeaux, or attack younger wine drinkers, or older ones who feel the same way, I think it's worth taking a deeper look at the region and its evolution to understand better both why it no longer appeals to some segments of the public, and where good values can be found. It's something I plan to do over the coming months."

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