The scent is inspired by the Whopper - and available for one day only

It’s the definition of smelling good enough to eat – a fragrance that evokes the scent of a freshly-cooked flame-grilled Whopper.

That’s right, if you live in Japan you will soon have the chance to spritz yourself with eau de Burger King. 

Next month customers will be able to buy a bottle of "Flame-Grilled" perfume, which comes with a Whopper on the side, at stores across the country.

Expect a strong beefy smell with notes of lettuce, mayonnaise, onions and tomato; accessorise with a dress or tux - and fries.


Costing 5,000 yen (£27), the perfume is in the same price range as many a popular celebrity fragrance. It comes in a clear bottle with a gold and faux-crystal top.

But many people may find themselves disappointed as the limited offer is on for one day only and, you guessed it, that day is 1 April.