Ted Danson, an acclaimed American actor, filmed a compelling YouTube video to highlight the interactive site aimed at keeping chefs sustainable and honest, Fish2Fork.com, and bring awareness that our waters could soon be overfished.


Fish2 Fork.com is aggressively monitoring restaurants across the US and UK with the help of the public.

The site calls for your action – next time you enjoy a fish dinner and notice that the menu cites sustainable fish practices, you can submit a review and report; likewise if the restaurant isn’t doing its part, let others know.

Just check out the section on the bottom right corner of Fish2Fork’s homepage, 'Rat on a restaurant' and 'Pat a chef on the back' to join the movement. 

Fish2Fork: http://fish2fork.com/apps/welcome

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6EVGC1ycrM