Cognac changes aromas as it hits the rocks

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A new cognac created to be sipped specifically on the rocks was launched this week and is described as a flavor journey that will take the drinker through aromas of white peach, lemon sorbet and iced mint as the temperature of the elixir drops.

Produced in the hillsides of Claix, France, near Grenoble, Ice Cognac by ABK6 is said to develop its distinct aromas as it progressively comes into contact with cold temperatures and water.

The limited edition cognac made its debut at Vinexpo, the world's largest wine trade fair, in Bordeaux this week.

At 18 C (64F)  for instance, the cognac begins softly and smoothly, giving off aromas of vanilla and evolving into white peach. At 12 C (54F) aromas of orange blossom are detected, before merging into lemon sorbet. And when the mercury dips to about 5 C (41), the cognac emits notes of iced mint.

The cognac is made from the Ugni blanc grape, the most widely planted white grape in France, and is best served in a tumbler glass over several ice cubes.

The suggested retail price is €37.

Though the maker of Ice Cognac, Domaines ABK6, claims they created the first eau de vie for sipping on ice, Cognac Godet was also created with ice-cold temperatures in mind.

Jean-Jacques Godet created Antarctica as a tribute to an expedition he undertook to the South Pole in 2008. The white cognac is described as having a flowery nose and a pure and smooth finish without tannins.

It is also to be served cold on ice.

Vinexpo, the largest wine trade fair in the world, wrapped up Thursday and attracted about 50,000 attendees.