[ Correcting chef name for Au Pied du Cochon, Montreal, fifth paragraph] On May 19, Kim Severson, a food news writer for the New York Times, caused a stir with her article highlighting pot-inspired meals served up in the late-late night to chefs and restaurant crews.

"Everybody smokes dope after work, people you would never imagine," said Anthony Bourdain, celebrity chef, TV personality and author.

He continued to explain that, "[t]here has been an entire strata of restaurants created by chefs to feed other chefs. These are restaurants created specially for the tastes of the slightly stoned, slightly drunk chef after work." Many that have worked in high-pressure restaurant in a major city seemed to understand what Bourdain was speaking about. So much so that media site Slate tweeted, "Pot-inspired restaurants: Fake trend, or old trend?"

Whether it's a trend or not, if you are intrigued or jonesing for "haute stoner cuisine," you may want to check out the following recommendations that came up in the NYT piece:

 - Chef Martin Picard's Au Pied du Cochon in Montreal with dishes like Poutine au foie gras (French fries, dripping with cheddar cheese, oxtail gravy, and foie gras)

 - Chef David Chang's Crif Dogs in the East Village, New York City where you can find a deep-fried cheese steak hot dog

 - Kogi Korean taco trucks and Chego! in Los Angeles

 - David Chang's Momofuku Milk Bar in New York City serves up cinnamon-bun cereal milk soft-serve ice cream

 - Roberta's in Brooklyn created the breakfast burrito

Watch chef Andrew Carmellini, renowned chef of Locanda Verde in Tribeca, New York City, with friends (respected chefs) in his vlog series "Munchies " to hear about 100-layer lasagna and watch chefs unwind by eating and cooking: http://www.vbs.tv/watch/munchies/andrew-carmellini

Late night television show host Jimmy Fallon joined the discussion without knowing it with his African-inspired tribute to the Hot Pocket, a ready-made stoner delight. To view it, go to: http://www.latenightwithjimmyfallon.com/video/we-love-hot-pockets-51910/1229011