It's official: we now live in the future. A French artist and blogger posted his real hovering hoverboard in May and on June 2 tech news sites (TGDaily and Gadget Review) reviewed a smart coffee machine that brews your cup to perfection with a stealth swipe of your finger.

Italian brand Saeco's Xelsis Digital ID SLX 8870 MS (Xelsis) is super smart, it recognizes your fingerprint via its "Digital ID fingerprint reader" and will automatically brew "your personal user profile with your name on the [color TFT] display."

The Xelsis has a sleek stainless body is (42x28x38 cm) and weighs 17 kg and costs a hefty $2500 (€2038.32).

This home genie can store up to six one-touch drinks for six different users plus performs a self-cleaning operation, grinds fresh beans and warms your cup.

It might be the ultimate techie caffeine junkie's dream but it's unclear if it will turn all the Nespresso pod fans back to bean grinders or if washing machines and other household appliances will start requiring your digital prints to function.

Who knew your coffee preference would be secured in the same way as passwords and corporate agendas on secured hard drives, just for convenience's sake?

More specs on the Xelsis:

You can also check out the hoverboard: