Döners are a staple of German fast food and it may perhaps be easier to find a Turkish döner stand in a tiny village than the currywurst man. On March 28, Berlin hosted the first national event for döners, DÖGA.

Tarkan Tasyumruk, president of the Association of Turkish Doner Producers in Europe (ATDID) said at the DÖGA conference, "annual sales in Germany amount to 2.5 billion euros" and "every day, more than 400 tonnes of doner kebab meat is produced in Germany." The Doner has a special relationship in Germany as it is believed the incorporation of traditional Turkish slow-cooking meat combined with Turkish salads and sauces into a sandwich was first seen in the 1970s in Berlin.

If you are unfamiliar with the word 'döner', that doesn't mean you haven't eaten one.

Here is a look at the döner around the world, many have slight cultural variations by selecting certain meats, preparing them in different ways, and adding different sauces and spices:

Austria: Döner kebab or kebabs
Afghanistan: shawarma or Kababe Torki (Turkish kebab)
Azerbaijan: Turkish döner
Belgium: Döner kebab (often with French fries in the sandwich)
Brazil: Churrasco Grego (Greek Barbecue)
Bulgaria: Döner kebap or Dyuner (?????)
Canada: Donair or Halifax donair
Cayman Islands: Döner kebab
China: Döners (western China)
Denmark: Shawarma or kebab or guss
Finland: Kebab
France: Döner Kebab, (sandwich) grec (Greek kebab)
Georgia: Döner
Iran: Turkish kebab or kabab Torki, donar
Israel: Shawarma, döner kebab
Italy: Döner
Japan: Döner kebabs
Mexico: Tacos al pastor or tacos de trompo
Netherlands: Döner kebab
Norway: Kebabnorsk (Kebab Norwegian)
Pakistan: Shawarma
Philippines: Shawarma
Poland: Polish kebab, gyros
Portugal: Kebabs
Republic of Ireland: Döner kebab
Russia: Shaurma (Central) or shawerma (North-West)
Slovenia: jufka kebab
Sweden: Kebab med bröd, kebabrulle
Switzerland: Döner
Thailand: Döner kebab
United Kingdom: Doner or donner
United States: Gyros
Vietnam: Döner kebabs (pork) and chicken kebabs

For more information on DÖGA, visit: http://döga.de/