The latest ‘foodie city' ranking has crowned New York the best city for dining and relegated Detroit to the bottom of the food heap.

In LivingSocial's survey of 4,000 respondents, New Yorkers, Chicagoans and San Franciscans gave their cities top marks for their respective dining scenes, while Houston, Dallas, and Washington D.C. rounded out the top six.

Meanwhile, Seattle, Sacramento and Detroit were the first to call out their cities for having a lackluster restaurant scene and put themselves at the bottom of the ranking.

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There are few similarities between this survey and another report in the September issue of Travel+Leisure magazine as readers voted New Orleans the best city to dine in. San Francisco, Providence, Rhode Island, New York and Chicago followed closely behind.

The results of the LivingSocial survey, released last week, also reveal regional differences, with Irish pub grub popular in Boston, Atlanta favoring delis, Detroit hot on Middle Eastern fare and Vietnamese food popular in Seattle.

Here are some other findings of the survey:

Los Angeles: Angelenos are more likely than any other city to describe themselves as "fast food junkies" and do brunch like most do lunch: often.

New York: In addition to giving themselves pats on the back for their dining scene, New Yorkers consider themselves the "most experimental" eaters in the country and top "foodies." New York was also named the No. 1 city for Italian eateries.

Washington D.C.: Dubbed "America's capital of vegetarians," residents in Capitol City said they refrain from meat more than any other major city. Of all the different cuisines, D.C. folks enjoy Ethiopian cuisine more than any other city as well.

Minneapolis-St. Paul: Folks in the Twin Cities tend to be homebodies, eating out the least of all cities polled. Interestingly, they also tend to be the cheapest, perhaps, as they ranked last for eating out on dates.