Twitter has joined the charity wine world to increase literacy and reduce poverty in needy nations in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa including Nepal and Namibia.

"The Fledgling Initiative is bringing together three innovative organizations [Crushpad, Room to Read and Twitter] to support global education. Our success means children's lives will be changed across Asia and Africa through experiencing their first library and books in their own language," said John Wood, the founder of non-profit Room to Read, promoting literacy to the poorest of the poor, according to

Fledgling Wine is produced at Crushpad, a make-your-own-wine small lot winery using grapes from California and Bordeaux vineyards.  

To date Fledgling Wines offers a 2009 Pinot Noir and 2009 Chardonnay both priced at $25/€18, and $5/€3.58 from every sale is donated to Room to Read.

On October 22, the food blog Slashfood posted tasting notes on the Fledgling 2009 Pinot Noir: "Its smoky nose and intense bright cherry notes are fantastic; its tannins are soft and silky. And each time you order a bottle, you're teaching people how to read. What's not to like?"

Fledgling also points out that buying its wines "allow[s] Twitter to grow. Because if you can't read you can't Tweet!"

However they are not the only bottles you can purchase to do good; you may also want to try ONEHOPE wines, made with renowned Californian winemaker Robert Mondavi, Jr.

A bottle costs $18.99/€13.60 and 50 percent of the profit is donated to charities that fight AIDS, breast cancer, or autism, or supports troops or the planet, depending on the varietal.