'My teeth are burning': The food bloggers on a quest to try all of the worst shots

'I'm ready to die. I want to go home'

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The fiery-red 'No You’re Not' shot is said to cure everything from the flu to a broken heart. But it turns out it just makes your teeth burn, as two food writers on a quest to find the worst shots ever have discovered.

The shot served at the Ortega 120 bar on Redondo Beach, California, sees Anejo tequila, salt, and Mexican pico de gallo spice coming together in a stomach-churning combination.

Food Beast writers Sean Fahmy and Rudy Cheney necked the shot as part of their quest to try the most disgusting shots America has to offer.

"I’m ready to die. I’m done with life. I’m done with this show. I hate this show," Fahmy said after he downed No You’re Not. "The bottom of my teeth are burning. What's happening to my mouth?” 

Cheney was silent before simply saying: “I want to go home.” 

The concoction is one of the over 120 types of alcohol served at the bar. The bartender told the pair that the shot cures tooth ache, heart ache and brain ache. 

By the looks on Fahmy and Cheney's faces in the video above, they weren't convinced. 

“Call me in three days when you feel it. It burns twice,” she added with a smile as they grimaced. 

In their bid to try the most disgusting drinks, the Worst Shots Ever team have sampled other strange mixtures including the Liquid Steak - made using rum and Worcestershire sauce - and the Tetanus Shot, which is made with Jagermester, Fireball, grenadine, and Redbull.

We'll stick to mohitos, guys.