Drinks: Christmas drinks quiz

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Winners of, and answers to, our Christmas drinks quiz

Congratulations to the many successful entrants in our Christmas drinks quiz. The first name out of the postbag with all answers correct was Lois Burchell of Ashtead, Surrey, who wins a case of 12 bottles of Louis Roederer Brut Premier champagne. Our six runners-up, who each win a 1993 edition of Webster's Wine Guide, include two of our regular correspondents: Graham Sheffield of Muswell Hill, north London, and J Andrews of Rayleigh, Essex. The other runners-up were: Ian Eagle of Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire; L E Gorsuch of Bexhill, East Sussex; Tim Hall from Hornsey Lane, London N6 and B C Gould of Newport-on-Tay, Fife.

The correct answers were: 1 (b). 2 (c). 3 (c). 4 (c). 5 (a). 6 (b). 7 (a). 8 (c). 9 (c). 10 (a). 11 (b). 12 (b). 13 (c). 14 (a). 15 (a). 16 (b). 17 (c). 18 (b). 19 (c). 20 (b).