European version of Webbys invites food bloggers to enter contest

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Food bloggers in Europe looking for some international attention may do well to enter the first ever Lovie Awards, the European sister to the Webby Awards.

With just two weeks left before the contest closes, The Lovie Awards -  a first for the digital European community - will crown the best in 25 categories like fashion and beauty and food and beverage.

Countless hours of cooking, recipe testing, writing and photo cropping could be validated by the digital elite - the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences - which also judges the Webby Awards.

The European version is open to entries in five languages - English, Spanish, Italian and French - and is restricted to European entrants.

The awards are named after a 19th century British countess Ada Lovelace, often cited as the world's first computer programmer for her work on an early mechanical, general purpose analytical engine. She is also the daughter of British poet Lord Byron.

Other platform categories include internet video, mobile apps, and online advertising.

Contest closes September 30 and winners will be announced during Internet Week Europe, November 7 to 11.

Meanwhile, Paris-based blogger David Lebovitz took home the title of Best Professional Blog in Saveur magazine's first food blog contest this spring.

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