Fans of El Bulli's Ferran Adrià fans turn to Twitter

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Seconds after Ferran Adrià, world-renowned chef, announced the closing of his El Bulli restaurant in Spain, fans worldwide began tweeting everything from "Heart attack in progress!" to "the dream is gone."


El Bulli, which received the "world’s best restaurant" award from Restaurant magazine several times, has been heaped with loads of accolades in addition to earning 3 Michelin stars, but it has also come under criticism for exposing diners to harmful additives.

Adrià has said the closing is for two years for creative and personal reasons and that he may reopen a new restaurant in 2014. It is apparent that after his sabbatical diners will be waiting to experience something new.

According to, a food and beverage industry global news site, foodies may get an additional bonus as Adrià is expected to produce an encyclopedia of his "elaborations, techniques and styles acquired after 30 years of creative research."

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