Fast food chains menus are expanding in unlikely ways

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On October 18, Starbucks added beer and wine to its menu in Seattle locations after 4pm in an effort to optimize consumer dollars.

And, the company is not alone; since September many top on-the-go food and beverage companies have started carrying products that seem to be not directly in line with their brand image.

If you want to switch it up and still frequent your favorite coffee house or burger joint but get a glass or wine or "shareable pizza," see what surprises you may find:

 - Burger Kings in Dubai, UAE and New York serve up pizza burgers

 - Jamba Juice offers organic coffee and oatmeal

 - Domino's Pizza sells an egg breakfast pizza at its 24-hr locations

 - McDonald's is making fruit smoothies

 - Starbucks pours beer and wine in the state of Washington

 - Dunkin Donuts makes egg white and vegetable flatbreads