Fast food workers strike back against viral 'cone-ing' trend

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Attention cone-ers: McDonald's is on to you.

Though, in YouTube years, the viral stunt known as cone-ing is so ‘second quarter 2011,'  it's spawned another stream of uploaded videos known simply as "anti-cone-ing."

Like planking, owling and "Batmanning," cone-ing became a viral video hit for being irrationally ludicrous: in the drive-thru of fast food restaurants - most often McDonald's - pranksters grab the ice cream from the top instead of the cone.

But McDonald's employees, it seems, have had enough.

Instead of incredulous jaw-dropping reactions by otherwise bored fast food workers at the drive-thru window, a slew of videos show fed up employees almost anticipating the stunt and fighting back.

Retaliation is swift. Some throw the ice cream back at the drivers, some give ultimatums - "You're going to take this ice cream cone, and you're not going to smash it" - and others utter serious, no nonsense threats.

When a cone-er in New Jersey tries to reach for the cone ice cream first, the wise-to-her-wiley-ways McDonald's manager calls her on it and withholds the frozen ice creamy delight, unmoved by her pretty blond hair and Valley Girl "thank you."

"I don't know what you think you're doin' but I could actually mush this in your face if you try to grab it from the ice cream," he says.

Then there's another breed of anti-cone-ing videos, a fearless pioneer that goes against the grain of viral video trends.

"I'm Spencer Young, and I am about to do the unthinkable," says Young in the driver seat. "I am about to do absolutely nothing to McDonald's when I order an ice cream cone. This is anti cone-ing 101."

Here are a few anti cone-ing videos for your viewing pleasure:

Anti-Cone-ing (Hilarious!)

Anti-Coning McDonald's Manager

Cone-ing Gone Wrong

Coning gone wrong...Fail...Drive Through Worker Strikes Back
(Scroll to 1:05 for the good bits)

McDonalds Employee Retaliates to Cone-ing!!!