Fast-foodies rank the ‘best’ in fast food

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On August 16, ZagatBuzz, the online companion to the oldest crowd-sourcing dining guide, announced their fast food survey results compiled from the votes of 6,518 "fast-food fans."

The survey via US-based ZagatBuzz solicited fast-foodies "who ate at chain outlets on average 10.7 times per month" to identify their 'best' (cited most often as being the best for a particular type of menu item) and ‘top' (highest Zagat rating for food, facilities or service among all chains in a particular category) picks from "97 major fast food chains and 39 full service chains."

The voters used "Zagat's signature 30-point scale" to rate each fast-food establishment based on the "quality of Food, Facilities and Service" as well as pick the ‘best' "from chicken and cheeseburgers to smoothies and seafood."

Here are some highlights:

Best French Fries: McDonald's
Best Fried Chicken: Kentucky Fried Chicken
Best Coffee: Starbucks
Best Value: McDonald's
Top Ice Cream/Custard: Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops
Top Smoothies/Frozen Yogurt: Jamba Juice
Top Food at a mega-chain: Wendy's
Top Service at a mega-chain: Subway
To see the complete list, go to:

Also, if you are having difficulty finding your 'top' fast food places while on-the-go, you might want to try the free iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch application Fast Food. It is available via iTunes and helps you pinpoint chains like Starbucks in your area, offers a nutritional breakdown of menu items and links in Yelp reviews.