a beautifully packaged box of Ladurée macarons


The immaculate confection

Fashion and food aren't exactly famous for going together. But if there's one thing you can count on to get every fashionista's heart aflutter, it's a beautifully packaged box of Ladurée macarons. For its latest designer collaboration Ladurée has teamed up with Lanvin's Alber Elbaz, who's created this quirky, cartoon-style box filled with eight brightly coloured, bubble-gum-flavoured macarons. They almost look too perfect to eat. OK, we said almost. £15.40, laduree.com

Face to watch: Quvenzhane Wallis

The eight-year-old Quvenzhane (Kwe-VEN-zhah-nay) won rave reviews for her role in Sundance fave Beasts of the Southern Wilds (out 19 October). Next up? Appearing with Pitt and Fassbender in Steve McQueen's Twelve Years a Slave

Lexpionage: Gastronomical, adj.

Relating to the way in which your favourite pub has suddenly gone upmarket and what used to be a packet of pork scratchings has become pan-fried bacon crispettes. At three times the price

Match the tweet to the star

1: Little known fact: I played the cat in the matrix

2: According to the woman queueing behind me swimming with dolphins cured her blackheads

3: Bullying: it's the new Drugs

4: Nothing cures a hangover like a slow walk in the rain with a diarhettic dog

Which of Olivia Wilde, Alan Carr, Ellen Page, Kristen Schaal tweeted what?

App watch: Enscripted

Consider yourself a bit of a film buff? Love cryptograms? This scarily addictive word game scrambles up famous movie quotes for you to try to decipher. You can even pit your skills against other movie geeks. Here's an easy one to start you off: "The first rkle of Fiaht Clkb is: nok wo mot tglp gbokt Fiaht Clkb." 69p, iTunes store

On the radar: because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Restaurant: Alimentum

London gourmands, get ready for a taste of the east (ahem): Cambridge's Alimentum is bringing its newfound (Michelin) star status to town, popping up in the Landmark Hotel from 20 November. landmarklondon.co.uk

Food: National Chocolate Week

It's National Chocolate Week, which means you now have an excuse to eat your body weight in cocoa solids. Right now, we can't get enough of Cadbury's new Dairy Milk Golden Biscuit Crunch. £2.25, shops nationwide

Web: Literary sex tips

"The ice cube was cold. His body was hot." Ever wondered what Cosmo-style sex tips would be like written by Hemingway, Nabokov or Joyce? Literary journal McSweeney's has. bit.ly/PD9Rpw

Match the tweet...

1. Ellen Page; 2. Alan Carr; 3. Kristen Schaal; 4. Olivia Wilde.